Take Advantage of Special Tax Incentives

Count on us for your commercial solar system installation in Columbus, OH

Installing solar panels at your commercial facility can be extremely rewarding. Vespa Solar LLP will take care of your commercial solar system installation so you can start reaping the rewards of using solar power. Allow us to explain the tax incentives offered to commercial and agricultural property owners that make the switch to solar. You can write off 100% of what you spent on solar energy in the first year.

Call now to get started on your commercial solar system installation in the Columbus, OH area.

Operate your farm using solar energy

Agricultural operations are ideal for solar power usage. Typically, there is a lot of land and wide-open space to work with, allowing for easy placement of solar panels. The agricultural solar panel systems we install will minimize your reliance on city power and save you money year-to-year. You will be more self-sufficient by generating your own electricity.

Our solar system technician will:

  • Calculate how much electricity you use in a year
  • Design a solar system that can support your agricultural operation
  • Help you save up to 95% of what you'd normally spend on power

Upgrade your farm in the Columbus, OH area with an agricultural solar panel system. Call now for details.